SkiSea High Speed Boat Leaves Minimal Wake


SkiSea, is a new hull concept that uses special skis to provide hydrofoil-like lift.

The revolutionary design enables it to achieve extraordinary speed and stability as it glides on a cushion of air and slices through waves, wake or chop, while itself generating negligible boat wash.

While the innovative design achieves a number of world firsts, the benefits they deliver are significant to every category of owner.

It could, say its creators, be the next new thing in high speed yachts and tenders

Trevor Payne the Australian creator of the idea says this approach allows for greater fuel economy, stability in rough waters, a shallow draught, and higher speeds while generating minimal wash or bow waves.

The 7 metre vessel sails with its skis submerged at slow speed

With a deadweight of 3.1-tonnes and a beam of 3.5 m all aluminium hull can top out at 50 kts), even in choppy conditions that would slow most other hull types

It is powered by twin 300-hp (224-kW) outboard engines and a diesel inboard engine is also available as an option.