Liner SS United States Dodges Scrapyard Again


While ship lovers await to hear of the fate of the forlorn liner QE2 there seems to be better news from the SS United States Conservancy an organisation set up to preserve SS United States.

There had been concerns the organization’s long-term ability to continue financing the upkeep of the ship in the absence of firm redevelopment commitments and capital.

But now the Conservancy has raised sufficient funds to keep the ship afloat well into next year.

Contributions from more than 800 supporters, mean the Conservancy has now raised well over $600,000 in recent months including two $100,000 gifts and a $250,000 donation.

People from the world over have sent a loud and clear message that the SS United States must not be destroyed,” stated Susan Gibbs, the Conservancy’s Executive Director. “From a 6th grader named Thomas in Florida who sent in a $5 bill along with a wonderful drawing of the ship in red, white, and blue magic marker, to our three extraordinary leadership donors, the outpouring of support has been incredibly encouraging.”

The SS United States has been given a temporary lifeline, and the Conservancy is now powerfully positioned to advance its goal of saving America’s Flagship for future generations.

As a result of the campaign, which was covered in hundreds of media outlets in dozens of countries, the Conservancy’s ongoing redevelopment negotiations have also gained new momentum. Earlier in the year, the Conservancy had already identified two potential locations that could accommodate the vessel, and new investor interest in recent weeks has introduced new possibilities and programming concepts for the historic liner. “Several qualified partners have recently made site visits with their engineers, architects and executives,” said Gibbs.”The possibilities for the SS United States’ revitalization are truly exciting.”

According to the Old Salt Blog; John Quadrozzi Jr., a concrete magnate and owner of the GBX-Gowanus Bay Terminal in the South Red Hook section of Brooklyn, has offered a rent-free berth at his facility to the SS United States.

If the ship does move to Red Hook it will be very close to its original berth on the Hudson River.