Hope Fades for Missing Oman Sail Crewman



The search for Mohammed Al Alawi, missing after having fallen over board while the Oman Sail yacht he was sailing in, has been called off.

The sixth day of searching ended as the Croatian coastguard concluded the search of the sea in the area he was first reported missing and the Oman Sail search team flew a light aircraft along the Italian coast.

The coastguard have worked tirelessly alongside our crews for everyday since Mohammed was lost at sea. The search has been thorough and extensive

Sadly all hope of finding Mohammed alive is now gone

As day six cames to an end, the Croatian coastguard informed Oman Sail that this will be their final day of searching and they have expressed their extreme regret not to have been able to find Mohammed.

David Graham, Oman Sail CEO, said, “It is with immense sadness we heard the news that Croatian coastguards have concluded the search and Mohammed remains missing. That said, we completely understand why and respect their decision.”

Mohammed’s father, Ahmed Al Alawi, who is in Croatia with the team asked Oman Sail to convey his deepest gratitude to the authorities for their efforts, and all involved in the search.

The Italian coastguard has put all stations along the coast of the Adriatic on alert.