Crew Recruitment with a Different Edge


There has been an influx in recent times of crew recruitment agencies sprouting up and all professing to be the best thing to hit the industry.

But here is one that stands out as being different. It is an idea of a serving Chief Engineer

He has created Yacht Relief Crew a revolutionary new superyacht crew recruitment agency that offers a simplified experience in which to recruit crew for relief positions.

266ac6cAndy Palmer is a serving Chief Engineer and has been in the superyacht industry for over 8 years now.

He created YRC out of his own frustration with not being able to find relief work that suited my requirements and/or schedule.

He broke down the process of seeking crew to the very basics:

  • What is the position?
  • What license is required?
  • What is the duration?
  • What is the date rate or salary?

With these basic ingredients and a few others he is able to ensure clients find exactly the right candidate and with ease.

He built the company up from this simple recipe creating a very simple to use website with no unnecessary visual distractions and he has had nothing but positive comments back from the focus groups.

As people tend to connect via their mobile devices these days, Andy has built feature packed free iOS and Android apps to allow for quick and easy management of your account.

The apps allow for notifications to crew as soon as a suitable job is added and employers get the same thing as soon as a suitable crew member shows interest in their job post.