Chief Stew Chills Out With Out With Root7 Whisky Wedge


Here is an idea for those Chief Stews looking to have something different for guests to talk about on the aft deck before dinner is served.

It is called the the Root7 Whiskey Wedge and it ensures drinks are perfectly chilled every time

Simply, insert the silicone slope into the classic tumbler, add a little water and freeze for a couple of hours.

Once frozen you’ll be left with a slanted piece of ice that looks classic, pour over your spirit of choice and you’ll be ready to unwind.

As the ice has a smaller surface of ice than ice cubes it means it won’t melt as fast, leaving your drinks flavour undiluted and full of character.

The Root7 Whiskey Wedge costs £15.00 from John Lewis.

Come to think about it, its not a bad idea to give as a Christmas present.