Asia Pacific Superyachts Appoints Yacht Support Manager


In New Zealand, Janice Lynch has been promoted to the job of Yacht Support Manager at the Auckland based Asia Pacific Superyachts.

With many years’ experience in the marine industry in New Zealand, Janice is already well known as the “go to” person.

Janice will now oversee the day to day Yacht Support and be the main contact point for every vessel coming to New Zealand who choose Asia Pacific Superyachts NZ.

“Janice’s expertise, knowledge and desire to showcase the very best that New Zealand has to offer enables her to support vessels better than anyone. These strengths ensure that vessels, crews & owners are cared for in the best possible way” says Founder and Director of Asia Pacific Superyachts NZ , Jeanette Tobin.

“Janice’s 24/7 work ethic and the relationships she builds with each client, she is really the best of the best. She’s an absolute star, just ask any of our clients” says Duthie Lidgard Managing Director of Asia Pacific Superyachts NZ, who will be working on the growth in other divisions within the business.