Lets hear it for Halifax

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If we were to base a superyacht on this coast and undertake the journey we have described we would start the yacht in Halifax and would consider the well facilitated port to be our home port for the duration of the season.

Few other cities get you closer to the action than this. When you dock in Halifax, you dock literally seconds from fine dining, pubs, museums, cafes, shopping, gardens, galleries, and more.

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The city’s historic waterfront is anchored by one of the world’s longest urban boardwalks. Its 2.5 miles spans the entire length of downtown, so all the luxuries, indulgences, and charms of the city are at your feet.

With a population of nearly 400,000, Halifax is the largest city in Atlantic Canada, and it deftly marries rich history with vibrant culture to surround visitors with the best of old and new.

We would describe it as the quintessential east coast destination – with an unusual amount of flair and sophistication.
Where else would you find a funky bistro with a world-renowned chef, a local microbrew pub in a restored centuries-old building just metres away from where the yacht is docked in the middle of downtown?

A simple stroll through historic streets, past charming shops, and lovingly-restored architecture is a true delight.

In Halifax, your days and nights are as contemplative or energetic as you desire.

Everyone we speak to remarks on Halifax’s welcoming and friendly nature. Every superyacht Captain recommends the services of Captain Brian Donovan at Premier Marine Services claiming him to be one of the world’s most attentive superyacht agents.

We commend you to experience it all for yourself.

We are grateful to Destination Canada, Air Canada and ship operators One Ocean Expeditions for kindly hosting us on this trip