Could Sustina Be the Worlds Ultimate Superyacht Support Ship?


The very first and currently the worlds only planing, beaching, SWATH hulled vessel is up for sale and could be a candidate for conversion into a superyacht.

Susitna, was constructed for around $80 million in 2010 in Alaska for the US Office of Naval Research.

It was anticipated that she would enter service as a ferry and give the US Navy a chance to evaluate her potential as a military vessel.

But the vessel never entered service and as a result is now it’s up for sale!

Built to the design of Guido Perla & Associates and based on a concept created by Lockheed Martin, Susitna is ABS-certified as an “E-Craft”

At 59 meters length overall she is capable of carrying 129 passengers and 20. The vessel also incorporates lift technology that will allow her to change from SWATH mode to barge mode by lowering or raising its centre deck.

Constructed with ice strengthened hulls the first-ever for a SWATH she is fully beachable and that fact alone could make her the ultimate yacht support vessel