Barclays Hate Business


Until yesterday we have been very happy with our Barclays Premier Life bank account.  Yes it costs £17.50 a month but this included things that as travel journalists make the cost worthwhile:

  • Worldwide Travel Insurance
  • Airport Lounge access
  • Mobile Phone Insurance
  • iPad (gadget) insurance
  • Card protection

But yesterday I read the booklet about the changes to the account to a Barclays Premier Current Account with effect from 9 October 2015.  It came while we were away – on business as Travel Journalists.  Hidden away on PAGE 20 was the following about the travel insurance:

There will no longer be any cover under the policy if the purpose of your trip or any part of your trip involves Business

Are Barclays mad?????

Most of the people paying for an account like this are probably people who travel on business.  No mention is made of the removal of business travel in the two page letter accompanying the booklet.  I fear not many people will have ploughed through the booklet to check the details.

We phoned Barclays to check if they were serious.  Apparently they are.  We will no longer be covered when we go away as travel journalist – all our trips in other words.

Any ideas for a new Bank?