Visiting Percé on the Gaspe Peninsula

Rocher Perce on the Gaspe Peninsula from aboard Akademik Ioffe

On the mainland and directly opposite Bonaventure, lies the town of Percé (pronounced Per-Say) at the tip of the Gaspe Peninsula.

From the anchorage it looks to be a pretty town with a large church and streets of colourful houses.

The town is most famous for the rock arch just off the shore. This geographical phenomena just 1640 feet long by 300 feet high has enabled the town to prosper bringing in tourists by the coach load all eager to see it.

Sadly as it has developed the town has embraced the ticky-tacky and while colourful, has little to offer the tourist seeking a touch of class.

We left weighing anchor at 1820 and steamed through the night towards the island of Anticosti

We are grateful to Destination Canada, Air Canada and ship operators One Ocean Expeditions for kindly hosting us on this trip