Oceanco Owner Unviels New Direction for Turquoise


Mohammed Al Barwani the owner of the Dutch shipyard Oceanco acquired the majority stake in the Turkish shipyard, Proteksan Turquoise during the closing stages of 2014

Today, with three new builds already underway and the yard, renamed Turquoise, he has announced a new strategy saying, “We face the future with confidence, with a bold new strategy designed to capture new growth in the super yacht industry.”

A superyacht, the yard believes, is the ultimate luxury purchase – exclusive, extremely individualised and offering entry to a highly aspirational owners’ club.

Making the world of superyachts more accessible is to become the key behind the new Turquoise strategy.

“There’s an overriding technical element in our business,” says Mehmet Karabeyoglu, CEO of Turquoise. “Turkey has a long tradition in shipbuilding with a highly skilled workforce. We are extremely confident of our technical and engineering skills. What truly sets us apart is our widely recognised high quality which we get at a relatively low cost. This is what gives us a highly attractive value proposition.”

Mohammed Al Barwani points out that the yard will focus on yachts up to 80 metres in length. “There is definitely an opportunity for a high quality, high value builder with an established track record,”

He adds, “We’ll enhance Turquoise’s ability further with leading edge design and innovative engineering plus enhanced quality control and management systems.”

Turquoise was established in 2001. The yard at Pendik, outside Istanbul, employs a highly skilled workforce, which has built twenty superyachts including:

  • Turquoise 2011
  • Yogi 2011
  • Talisman 2012
  • Vicky 2013
  • Ileria 2013