Name Change for Rigging Company Owned by Southern Spas

Future Fibers  Leopard 3 Rigging July 31 2007

Southern Spars, the owner of Composite Rigging, acquired the rigging company Future Fibres in November 2014.

It now plans to amalgamate thse two rigging companies under the single identity Future Fibres

Southern Spars is itself part of the North Technology Group.

Composite Rigging LLC, based in Rhode Island, USA, is best known for its ECsix multi-strand continuous carbon fibre rigging product.

Spanish based Future Fibres, founded by entrepreneur Tom Hutchinson was an early innovator in the use of non-carbon advanced fibres for yacht rigging and has a wide product range based on this technology.

“We have been planning to change the Composite Rigging company name for some time,” said Scott Vogel, President of Composite Rigging. “The acquisition of Future Fibres not only brings complimentary technologies and resources, but an iconic company name as well. Our flagship carbon rigging offering will continue to be called ECsix, but our overall rigging company will in future carry the Future Fibres company name instead of Composite Rigging. This Future Fibres name clearly reflects our ongoing ambitions for our rigging company into the future.”

The new combined Future Fibres company will operate from existing locations in Rhode Island, Valencia and Sri Lanka. Providing the marine industry with uninterrupted access to the front end people and services they have grown accustomed to.

Name Change for Rigging Company as Southern Spars announces the joining of Composite Rigging and Future Fibres under the Future Fibres name.