Yacht Crashes to Deck During Cargo Handling Discharge



In what can only be described as a cargo handling disaster a 40 metre yacht has been dropped during cargo discharge operations on board BBC Spring a heavy lift ship.

The incident involved the newly built Low Profile a Tecnomar Nadara 40 yacht, built by the Italian Sea Group.

Amateur video footage of the Panamanian flagged 40 metre yacht hitting the deck when heavy lift cables form part of the ships two 400 metric ton cranes appeared to part have appeared on YouTube

The film said to have been by tourists visiting the area was shot in Colon, Panama, at the Caribbean Sea entrance of the Panama Canal earlier this week.

It is not known if anyone was hurt during the incident and to date no one has publicly estimated the extent of the damage to the yacht.

When translated the conversation at the end of the video suggests there were three people below but it would only be speculation to suggest they were underneath the yacht when it fell.

The 15,549 gt cargo ship, a vessel flagged in Antigua Barbuda, loaded cargo in Genoa on April 5th. Seven days later the ship called at Las Palmas and sailed for Huston in Texas arriving there on May 14th. That was her last port of call before she arrived in Colon on May 26th