Rather Surprisingly, Tenerife is an Island to Enjoy


Sometimes perceived as a mass tourism destination, Tenerife in the Canary Islands is inviting visitors to take a new look at the island and explore its wealth of natural beauty, monasteries, wineries and cuisine, as many will be surprised by what the island really has to offer to its much loved visitors.

We took up the challenge and found Tenerife offers an endless list of things to enjoy which have undoubtedly made the island a holiday favourite for all types of travellers.

Whether you are seeking a golf escape, a tranquil setting to unwind, culture or outdoor adventure, Tenerife can provide a very special experience, on the voyage from Med to Caribbean.

Despite its size, the island boasts a variety of breathtaking landscapes, varying from prehistoric forests to desert plains of volcanic lava, and all within an hour’s drive from one place to another.

The exotic but European isle enables owners of syuperyachts and the crews that work in them to use the island as a trans atlantic pit stop to enjoy a stopover in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

With an unexpected natural beauty, a busy agenda of authentic fiestas and fascinating culture, every corner of the island is worthwhile exploring.

An unbeatable climate, nearly 400 Km of coastline, 70 beaches, 8 golf courses, as well as excellent hotel and leisure facilities, have positioned Tenerife as a perfect winter sun destination; however as temperatures rarely exceed 27 degrees centigrade, any month of the year is a good time to visit the

For discerning superyacht owner, a luxury  is possible in Tenerife thanks to a variety of high-end resorts and boutique hotels, many of which offer leading facilities and spectacular sunset ocean views even in the over crowded south of the island.

The verdant, lush northern part of the island complements the sunny and dry south, shielded from the wind and humidity by the mountainous landscape which divides the island into two different worlds of extreme contrasts. Highlights include an array of golden and black sand coves, a sometimes snow-capped mountain, vineyards, banana plantations and hidden hamlets, to name a few.