Sinbad the Sailor or Sailbad the Sinner?

Michael steering the dhow in the fjords of MusandamThere can hardly be a child in the modern western world that has not grown up hearing stories about Sinbad the Sailor. They probably imagine him as a fictional Disney-like character whose cherubic face and good looks are shown off to great effect in a short tunic and athletic legs. His tousled golden hair flowing as he swings from the rigging of his boat brandishing his sabre that glints in the sun.

Sinbad is a symbol of the region’s seafaring history, and tales of his exploits are retold in different forms throughout Oman. It is said he was born in Sohar and he like several of the more enterprising of superyachts discovered that the coastline of Oman is a wonderful cruising destination just waiting to be uncovered by superyachts.

Sailor or Sinner one thing we know about Sinbad and that he had strong arm muscles.  We found that out when one of us took the helm of the traditional Dhow.  Twenty minutes of wrestling with that heavy tiller was enough to put hairs on any ones chest and turn a sweet talking sailor into a foul mouthed sinner.

The guy asleep? Oh he is the real Captain!