Salalah Rotana Resort

Entrance at Salalah RotanaThe marina adjacent to the luxurious Salalah Rotana Resort in Oman is probably the first opportunity a superyacht will have of being embraced by the traditional warm and friendly Omani hospitality.

The 5-star luxury resort of Salalah Rotana with its deep water marina is set along the shores of the Indian Ocean at Salalah Beach

The resort itself offers 400 rooms and suites that are beautifully built around lagoons, water features and manmade canals that are linked to the marina.

The upscale hotel’s Omani-inspired architecture features a series of clusters surrounding the main building, housing major public facilities and amenities.

The resort has been carved from desert rock as the hotel rises out of the water, making it part of the landscape. In-room furnishings including beds, tables and sofas have been integrated into the main walls while Arabesque geometric designs and stone archways, constructed using traditional techniques, resemble a cathedral atrium and provide areas of contemplation.

Natural light covers every corridor in the hotel as bright furniture provides the contrast against matt-finished walls, changing colour and texture as the shadows move and a new area of the hotel is bathed in sunlight throughout the day. High ceilings and a central, internally-lit handmade red clay dome complement the wooden finishing and decorative mashrabiya latticework windows.

Salalah Rotana Resort is a scenic 20km drive from Salalah Airport.