Oman Farewell

Recreated old style fishing dhows on the beach at Tarqa or TarqahThe trip to Oman is over

This is the last entry in the travel blog for Oman

We hope you have enjoyed reading of our exploits our stays in luxurious hotels the pampering we endured in the spas! And all that fabulous food we were forced to eat.

As we have said before being a travel writer can be a sh***y job but someone has to do it!

Thank you to our hosts, our transport providers and the guides who gave us great insight into this wonderful country.

Now all we have to do is write the 14 page feature for Invictus Magazine.

In the fullness of time you can read the completed feature here.

So where are we off to next?

The answer is Tenerife one of Spain’s Canary Islands in the Atlantic.  We hope you will enjoy our travel blogs from there