Khasab Tours

In the Khor Ash Sham Fjord of Musandam off Seebi aboard a dhowMusandam Penninusla is known for its spectacular Fjords. The best way to experience this stunning beauty is to have Khasab Tours organise overnight trips on dhows, exploring various fjords, natural beauty, isolated fishing villages, overlooking to strait of Hormuz, swimming and snorkeling in pristine crystal clear waters etc.etc.

Khasab Tours have custom built air conditioned dhow called Sindbad they use for cruising overnight in the peninsula.

The tour company offers different night stay programmes on this dhow. Special tailor-made itineraries are offered for guests upon their taste and duration of stay. Contact our office for this programme.

We arrived at the Khasab harbour and boarded a traditional Omani dhow for our full day cruise into the spectacular, scenic and tranquil fiord, the Khor as Shimm and the longest fiord in the Musandam peninsula.

Bottlenose dolphins in the Fjords of Musandam aboard a dhowWe observed the coastal villages as we cruised along and enjoyed interacting with the playful dolphins as we sailed along. We anchored at the famous Telegraph Island, which was a repeat station built in 1864 by the British to connect Bombay (India) with mainland Britain by an underwater and overland telegraphic cable passing via Basra in Iraq and Turkey.

Here we enjoyed swimming and snorkeling in the pristine and calm waters of the fiord.

Lunch and refreshments were served onboard and snorkeling equipments and towels were provided on the dhow.