Guidebook Review The Real Tenerife

Real Tenerife GuideGood writing comes from good research and we believe in doing our homework before we travel.

We are currently in Tenerife but before we came we sought out the best guidebook for the area.

The book we found and have good reason to recommend is The Real Tenerife: The Insiders’ Guide by Jack and Andrea Montgomery

Published privately and available on line through Amazon it is the most comprehensive guide to the islands resorts, towns and villages available in the English language.

It has been written by fellow members of the British Guild of Travel Writers the same professional body to which we belong.

It contains the insight and passion only ever obtained by travel writers who have spent years treading the streets of every town and village, trekking along goat trails in the mountains and revelling at fiestas until dawn, all in the name of research

In short it explores the island that visitors and even many of the island’s residents never ever see! It defines and details the Tenerife that lies beyond the clichéd Sex Sun and Sangria reputation and makes you really want to visit

Much more than just a tourist guide, the book gives the reader a real insiders’ view of this surprising, beautiful and diverse Spanish island which lies off the coast of Africa.

Inside you will discover: hidden treasures beyond the tourist hotspots, a brief look into Tenerife’s past and future, intimate guided tours of towns and villages across the island, personal photographs from the authors’ travels, a guide to Tenerife culture and celebrations; hotel and restaurant recommendations; tips on when, where and how to enjoy the island’s fiestas and much more

The Real Tenerife gives you everything that other travel guides to Tenerife don’t.