Possible Terrorist Threat from ISIS in the Mediterranean

ISIS in Libya

There has been much talk this week regarding the possible terrorist threat from ISIS in the Mediterranean

Security specialists Allmode have published an Advisory detailing how a maritime attack on vessels in the Mediterranean Sea would have huge implications for the shipping community in general.

Parallels can be drawn with the recent experience of piracy off Somalia, which has plagued the shipping community for many years and continues to do so.

Reading the advisory should enable decision makers to make informed choices and plan for any transit in the Mediterranean Sea. We hope you find it informative enough to pass onto your associates, as many are asking the question about whether this is a real or sensationalised risk.

Those seeking to receive a copy of the company’s publication “Best Management Practices for Large Scale Rescue Operations at Sea “ version 4 published 6th March 2015 , should email: rs@allmode.org