Nizwa Souq

Nizwa Souk

The Souq in Nizwa bustles with vendors selling everything from meat, fish, fruits and vegetables to spices, dates, gold and silverware.  But it does make sense to try and catch it early in the day when everything is open and the produce fresh.

There is plenty for the tourist to see, buy and take photographs of. The area surrounding Nizwa is renowned for its silver jewellery which is considered to be the best in the country.

The locals hereabouts are masters in the making of copper ware, coffee pots, swords, leather goods and pottery all of which make good souvenirs of your time in Oman.

Be sure to look out for the Khanjar (curved dagger). Recognised for its distinctive style and patterns they make fine wall hangings back home or gifts. But do remember to pack them in baggage destined for the hold. Daggers such as these are not permitted in carry one baggage with any airline.