Let the Tour of Oman Begin

Muneer Al-Balushi, our guide, in the Nizwa Fort

Having landed our tour of Oman is about to start

Muneer Al-Balushi works for Arabica Orient Tours. It was he who met us at the airport in Muscat upon our arrival and very smartly he did so.

Wearing a sparkling white dishdash and an equally pleasing smile of welcome he led us quickly from the terminal where his Toyota Land Cruiser was parked.

Within minutes we were on our way heading towards Nizwa one of the oldest cities in Oman a journey that would take an hour and half by road.

The city of Nizwa was once a centre of trade, religion, education and art and served as the country capital.

For centuries it has been an important meeting point at the base of the Western Hajar Mountains. Set amid a verdant spread of date palms, it is strategically located at the crossroads of routes linking the interior with Muscat and the lower reaches of Dhofar thus serving as the link for a large part of the country.

Today, the oasis city is a diverse prosperous place and a centre for date growing acting as the main market place for the area.