First Indonesian Cruising Guide Published


Richard Lofthouse, the General Manager of Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia hosted a party to celebrate the publication of the first comprehensive ‘Cruising Guide to Indonesia’.

More than 20 superyacht captains from yachts based in Phuket attended sharing cruising experiences with each captain happily departing with a complimentary copy of the 250 page guide tucked under his/her arm.

The ‘Cruising Guide to Indonesia’, written by Andy Scott over a period of 5-plus years, contains a wealth of information, including over 320 anchorages. This is the first time such a comprehensive guide to the amazing cruising destination of Indonesia has been released and the many captains in attendance were very impressed at the volume of information on offer within the Guide.

APS Indonesia has pioneered Indonesia as a superyacht destination, bringing in over 200 yachts since 2008. It is fitting that the Superyacht Agency should contribute and support the production of the first comprehensive ‘Cruising Guide to Indonesia’.

“Andy has done a terrific job compiling this first edition,” said Richard Lofthouse. “As a captain himself, he has many miles under his hull in Indonesia and there is no anchorage included in the Guide which he has not personally visited.”

The Guide also contains a section on how to bring a boat into Indonesia, written by Lofthouse. “When Andy asked me, I was really happy to contribute but worried he may not have enough space!” Lofthouse joked. “There are many dimensions and variables which we as a company over the years have looked to offset. But still they remain and Indonesia is such a huge country that there will always be variables. What we have done with the Guide is to highlight some of these and make Indonesia that little bit more accessible.

The Guide is on sale in Australia and Indonesia and can also be purchased through APS offices in Phuket, Thailand and Bali.