Could Have Done and Should have Done

View from one of the two villas at Alila Jabal Akhdar

The title refers to the brand new Alila Resort high in the mountains of Jabal Akhdar (meaning Green Mountain).


It’s perched 2000 metres above sea level and the temperature difference between it and that on the coast is startling. It was 28 degrees when we left Niswa and just 14 as we arrived in time for a splendid lunch on the terrace overlooking a dramatic gouge that is often referred to as Oman’s Grand Canyon.

The hotel is perfectly positioned to explore the areas rugged and rocky landscape and is a haven for nature lovers, adventure travellers such as ourselves and those escaping the heat of the desert.

Committed to an eco friendly future the resort follows the Alila principle of employing locals and enriching the surroundings without spoiling it.

We truly loved the tranquillity and natural beauty and have no hesitation in recommending it highly.