How Do They Do It? Trick or Trance?

Trance balancing act in Milan
While we were in Milan earlier this month we saw these men seemingly doing the impossible.  We saw them sitting like this, in a trance, for at least 10 minutes. How do they do it?  Is it a trick?

Neither moved a muscle or looked to be in pain or strain!

Take a look at whats going on the guy holding the other guy aloft is sitting on a glass jar and his feet are off the ground.  He is holding a cylindrical tube on which is balance a small ball.  Balanced on the ball is the other guy who sits there cross legged.

How long they kept this up we will never know we left before anything else happened

The question is How on Earth did they do this?  Did the lower man have a stick in his arm to help keep it straight?

If you have any idea how they did this do please let us know.

Trance balancing act in Milan

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