Superyachts Could be at Risk as Isis takes to the Sea


An article in the Sunday Times Newspaper today suggests that superyachts could be at risk as Isis takes to the sea.

The feature written by journalist Mark Hookham suggests that superyachts and other shipping in the Mediterranean could come under attack from heavily armed Isis fighters using speedboats to conduct attacks from the Libyan coast.

The article quotes Rear Admiral Chris Parry as saying

  • The “super-rich” could be singled out as part of a piracy campaign that would threaten shipping from Gibraltar to Greece.
  • “Yachting, any leisure activity, is going to be under threat.”
  • “If I were the likes of the super-rich I would be getting a bit concerned about my physical security.”

To read the article in todays newspaper see here

In 2009 we posted an article entitled about piracy and suggested Superyachts will almost certainly become attacked by pirates and it is only a matter of time