Superyacht Cruising in Indonesia Just Got Easier!


Captains seeking to cruise Indonesia taking guests to see sights such as these amazing tribal celebrations will be pleased to learn that the government has made significant changes to policy for visiting yachts

Reporting from Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia, Richard Lofthouse and Jimmy Blee tell us about them.

The two most significant changes are:

  • An online CAIT process for agents which will reduce CAIT process time from 1 month to around 1 working day (as yet untested).
  • Local clearances are abolished so we only need to clear at first and last port of call. This is a huge change and APS Indonesia has protested long and hard against this and we are thrilled to finally have this actioned.

The Sea Transportation Department in Jakarta have also clarified that

  • Foreign yachts ONLY need clearances at first entry and last exit ports; domestic clearances are NOT necessary. The SPB sailing permit issued by Harbormaster at first entry port covers all domestic travel up to exit port.
  • Cruising Permits from now on are issued via e-CAIT online system and both agents and private individuals can apply online at:
  • e-CAITs will be issued in the shortest time possible; aiming for 24 hours approval. Our clients will still apply through us but we are able as registered agents to complete the process faster online.
  • Foreign yacht Owners and their representatives can sign the guarantee for Customs temporary import
  • Foreign yachts are forbidden from commercial activity within Indonesian waters; no chartering.
  • New marine tourism facilities can be public – private partnerships and local Government are encouraged to facilitate such development.
  • Customs and Immigration have committed to aligning their processes with the online system, although how long and what format this make take is unclear.

“We consider this the biggest change to Indonesia’s foreign yacht policy and are excited to see how it all translates in reality during the coming years”, announced APS Indonesia.

Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia remains the leading and most established specialist Superyacht Agency in Indonesia having brought over 150 yachts into Indonesia over a six year period, including many of the world’s biggest Superyachts.