Who Owns That Superyacht?


One of the most commonly asked questions asked of any superyacht journalist is “Who owns that superyacht?”

It’s a question we often find hard to answer. Often because we simply do not know but more frequently than not although we do know we have been taken into someone’s confidence and asked not to repeat that information.

Now we have found the easy way to answer such question!

We simply refer the enquirer to the very good Web site www.superyachtfan.com.

This well researched and mostly accurate database contains the information most people seek when putting names to superyachts.

The site has proved an invaluable source and many sales brokers have found it of great value

Is it up to date? Not always but the site editors work hard to make it so in a world where yachts are bought and sold quickly and often quietly.

Is it right for them to disclose the information? They are different from the likes of us in that they are not breaking the confidences that have been placed upon us.

In short superyachtfan.com serves a good purpose is of help to the industry and is a great way of getting us off the hook!