Can Electric Jetskis Foil the Regulators?


The Jetski must but the most thing sailors love to hate. Everyone wants one to ride no one wants one near them.

They are noisy annoying and at times downright dangerous.

Well now at least some one is doing something about the noise. They plan to build an electric waterski that skims across the surface on foils.

With the financial backing of a solar panel producing company in Austria the Slovenian firm Quadrofoil is to build the idea they launched as a concept just last October

Powered by a 5.5KW electric motor the machine will top out at 21 knots when foiling.

The 10KWH battery takes around 2 hours to charge from flat and that should be good for a round 50 miles of fun. At 3 euros a charge, the cost of using the jetski compares well with the petrol driven machines.

Prices for the Quadrofoil Q2S Limited Edition electric jetski start at €22,500 (£16,600).

A 3.7KW version called the Q2A will be launched before the summer at around tag €15,000.

Motorised Jetskis are banned in many areas frequented by superyachts and it will be interesting to see if electric powered machines are able to circumnavigate the local regulations in areas the likes of the BVI