Superyacht Shipyard Sustainability


VSY a shipyard in Viareggio Italy must be one of the few yards in the world to have appointed a Sustainability Manager to its key staff.

Anthropologist Vienna Eleuteri is the person charged with that job.

She told us, “At VSY we believe that ‘green’ is not only an adjective, but also a verb that translates into single actions as well as a structured strategic plan.”

“Our goal is not simply to integrate social, environmental and ethical actions into corporate management but also to act on a larger scale bringing changes to the entire yachting industry.”

VSY has already picked up awards for its commitment shipyard for its commitment to environmental protection as well as integrated sustainability.

UIM (Union Internationale Motonautique) made the Special Mention for Environmental Benefit award to recognize the commitment the Italian shipyard made to reduce the negative environmental effects, accidents and occupational diseases; to pursue pollution prevention; to evaluate the adoption of Green Procurement criteria; to verify and adopt energy-saving measures; to inform the public concerning the environmental impact of the activities over which the company has control or influence.

“We got the award,” says Vienna by “Investing in new methodologies and products as well as being proactive in the financial sector and in developing project networking and training.

“We believe and invest in the kind of capital that, when shared, does not diminish but grows in value.”