Flight or Fright the Train Vs the Plane


Trying to book a trip to Scotland next May we rather favour a trip through the countryside of Great Britain by train.

So we try and book advanced fares only to discover that we must wait until 12 weeks before the date of travel to do so and at this stage we can only find out the cost of fares for March.

Even using rail cards that we have already paid for, the seven hour journey is going to cost in the region of £135 per person each way and there is no way we can leave a car at the station for the week long period we will be away.

Flying from our local airport which, in mileage terms, is not much further away than our mainline station we find that:

  • Yes you can book flights now for travel in May
  • Yes you can park for a week at the Airport
  • And it will only cost £40 per person each way

Who says you should let the train take the strain?