A Caribbean Tradition on the Verge of Extinction


With filming completed, the final cut of a fascinating film is now coming alive as the sound track is being added.

Musician Torsten Stenzel is hard at work with each note adding it’s own emotional tone as each segment moves between the dialogue and the scenes in the film.

With the sound for this film being critical, sound engineer Gus Kovan took his mobile studio on board the sailing boat Bequia to create additional layers of water, which will be added to the music

Filmed in the Grenadines, by Alexis Andrews Vanishing Sail is a documentary that tells the story of trading by sail in the West Indies.

It follows a community of boat builders in Carriacou who struggle to maintain their tenuous grip on a dying skill.

Through a collection of dramatic sailing scenes, rare archival footage and unprecedented interviews with the last old, Caribbean Sea Captains, Vanishing Sail seeks to preserve the legacy of boatbuilding in the Grenadines, introduced by Scottish settlers in the 19th century, and hopes to revive interest in the art form before it expires on the heels of progress

Currently in post production with completion planned for 2015 a trailer can be seen here.