What To Do With Cancelled British Admiralty Charts


Clearing out a pile of British Admiralty Charts out of the attic to make way fro the Christmas decorations we wondered if charts had any value?  We have some very old and beautiful ones dating back to the 1950s and a a pile of the more modern yellow blue and green metric charts.

Clearly the modern ones have no value, (we are not sure about the black and white versions) we decided to see if we could make them into decorative items.

Using a Cricut machine, a clever Christmas present, Frances began to cut out shapes of butterflies from charts and fix the shapes on to charts that reflect our own cruising area.

First off was the rather pretty montage of butterflies swarming over The Solent.  Here Frances has used two similar charts and the butterflies have been cut from one and fixed into the same latitude and longitude on the second.  Slip it into a display case frame and hey voila!

Next she found a chart of The English Channel and cutting out much smaller butterflies she placed them moving east and west through the area sticking quite correctly as you would expect to the traffic separation zones.

Looking at them hanging on the wall I think we may have answered our own question.  Cancelled charts do have value even only if we have to wait until the orders come rushing in.