What better way to round off a Travel Writers trip to Milan?


With 80+ of Britain’s Top Travel Writers descending on Milan there was only really one choice of where to host the Gala Dinner

Explora and their partners Regione Lombardia, CCIAA Milano, Expo Milano 2015 and Uniooncamere chose the Museo dei Navigli as the venue.

The Museo is a historical residence located in Brera, the most trendy and famous district of Milan.

It is an exclusive venue, not open to the public. Apart from the guided tours for history and art enthusiasts, the Museo is dedicated to the organisation of business and recreational events.

The centuries-old rooms evoke the distinctive Milanese history; the hard-working, driving ambition that has inspired the city from the Roman Empire onwards, including the invaders, the European and New World emperors and the sovereigns who followed them.

Not to mention famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, who designed the canal locks for the Naviglio di San Marco basin (still visible) near the Museo.

The Museo is is considered the most beautiful and prestigious location for events in Brera.

A location for 10 to 1,000 guests, with the possibility of seating 500 guests in a single hall.