Augmented Reality Makes Helicopter Fly off the Page


Augmented reality (AR) has been tried before in the superyacht industry but to date has not caught on.

In 2010 we reported on ways it could be used to shows what is around at boat shows by displaying real time digital information on top of the real world as seen through the camera of your mobile phone.

By 2011 matters had moved forward and we reported on how QR Codes were being used by companies such as YPI and Boat International

Fraser Yachts then built augmented reality video content into their new charter catalogue and brokerage advertisements during 2012 and these first appeared in the January 2013 editions of Boat International & Showboats magazine.

After the concept disappeared from view we assumed that the idea was dead and had joined the never ending queue of failed marketing ideas.

That is until we attended the Top 100 event and saw what Oceanco were doing to make their concept designs come alive.

Using a talented team from Dee Three, a small company that specializes in 3d models both of the physical kind using 3d printers and electronic versions that come alive when an iPad is used to scan an image.

Company Director Pete Davis who describes himself as a Visual Warrior tells us, “We have been creating visualisations for architects, advertising campaigns and story boards for years. Our Augmented Reality for the superyacht concept Titan created the final product exactly to the builders specifications. As technology gets better and better we are seeing an increase in demand for images to come alive. Using an image as a trigger we can use a tablet or smart phone to reveal; a 3D model, annotated facts, YouTube video, website.“