IMS Shipyard Opens for Business Ahead of Schedule

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It takes guts in the superyacht industry to make bold claims about what your company will do in the future because the world and his dog generally waits to see you fail.

So well done IMS Shipyards, your gamble has paid off and you have proved your officers are good to their word.

Congratulations has to go to the team that have pulled off the first yacht haul-out on the all new IMS 700 site a full 5 days ahead of schedule!

With the opening of their IMS 700 site in the Toulon bay (south of France), the yacht repair specialist becomes the largest yacht repair shipyard in the Mediterranean.

Just nine months after the start of building work, the 43 metre Sister Act has just been successfully hauled out of the water using their brand new travelift.

The second of the company’s yacht refit, repair and maintenance yards IMS 700 is designed to accommodate boats from 20 to 80 metres, and will boast an unrivalled capacity in terms of numbers in the Mediterranean.

Together the two sites, IMS 300 and IMS 700, will be able to accommodate up to 100 yachts simultaneously.

The hauling of the Hessen built Sister Act is the culmination of a colossal project. A staggering amount of work has been carried out turning a former French Navy Seaplane base into a superyacht shipyard

The shipyard will be fully completed and the site will be inaugurated for full capacity opening at the end of next March.