Northrop & Johnson Opens Charter Office in Los Angeles


Located on the iconic Santa Monica Boulevard in the heart of Beverly Hills to cater to the LA market, Northrop & Johnson has brought in charter broker Brian Lucey and office manager Ariel Stepp to head up operations and compliment the success of their San Diego-based sales office.

Charter broker Brian Lucey started his career with the luxury concierge firm Quintessentially in London and went on to manage both the Miami and Los Angeles offices.

Brian joins the brokerage firm with an extensive client base and exceptional background in the luxury industry.

His knowledge of high-end events and hospitality will serve him well as a charter broker as he draws on his experience to create incredible charters for his wide client base.

Los Angeles office manager Ariel Stepp has worked in production management, TV and commercial, marketing for celebrity-owned lifestyle brands, celebrity bookings and as design manager at Les Sculptures Vivantes, a referral-only floral and interior design studio, where she served celebrity clients and Fortune 500 accounts.