Numarine North America Expansion

Parker Stair Headshot III

Numarine the performance motor yacht builder based in Istanbul is to expand into the markets of the USA.

The new company will launch at the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show, featuring a 78 Flybridge

Operating under the designation of Numarine North America, the company has established 3 points of distribution to manage an extensive service network for Numarine owners along the Atlantic and Pacific coastlines as well as the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean.

Numarine North America will be managed by Parker Stair, a marine industry veteran, with a strong track record of perpetuating success among high-end brands.

Parker stated, “Rarely does a product demonstrate such technological superiority and raw emotion that you actually feel drawn to it. Numarine was like a magnet to me and I felt like it could be a magnet to others just as easily. The brand has a very compelling story for those who will take the time to understand it. My job is to help communicate that story and find believers who understand that time and technology have a way of rendering the traditional construction methods obsolete.

The timing is perfect for a brand like Numarine to be offered in North America as an alternative to the brands that have historically dominated here.”