Happy 20th Birthday for C&NI Charter Marketing Division


In 1994 Camper & Nicholsons International opened its Charter Marketing Division. At the time, there was no other department of its kind in the yachting industry but C&NI believed that their knowledge, expertise and the resources could be employed to help owners’ yachts stand out from the crowd, thus, maximising the financial benefits of owning a yacht.

20 years later C&NI Charter Marketing Division looks after some of the market’s most sought after yachts. However, the faxes and telexes of the 90’s have been replaced with emails and Skype thanks to today’s Internet. This instant communication has paved the way for online marketing, a valuable means of yacht promotion that simply wasn’t available in 1994. Now slick websites and e-brochures are favoured over the heavy brochures and grainy printed photos of the past.

The practice of charter marketing has also evolved into a highly complex and specialised operation that relies upon our well-connected and experienced Marketing Agents, who act as a vital link between the retail charter team, the yacht owner and the yacht captain.

C&NI dedicate just one manager to each yacht commits to maintaining a close relationship with each owner, captain and crew, ensuring the successful management of charter operations for every yacht.

Over the past 20 years, C&NI’s Charter Marketing Division has developed an extensive network of leading Charter Agents worldwide and an unrivalled database of the industry specialists.