Bad Luck Bermuda Expect a Battering from Hurricane Gonzalo


According to the Storm Watch warnings issued by superyacht managers Watkins Superyachts its not looking good for Bermuda.

Hurricane GONZALO is currently centred 160 miles south-sou’west of Bermuda at peak intensity with a hurricane severity index of 34 out of a possible 50 (21 for size and 13 for intensity making this the most powerful Atlantic storm in 4 years.

Current maximum sustained winds of between 110 and 140 knots are being reported, with gusts up to 150 knots and a tropical storm force wind field over a 250 mile radius.

This is a bruiser. GONZALO is currently headed north-nor’east at 14 knots. This storm has accelerated slightly and will pass very close to Bermuda in the next few hours.

After Bermuda GONZALO will continue to accelerate passing close to the east of southeastern Newfoundland late tomorrow night and early on Sunday.

There is also likely to be an unpopular arrival in Newfoundland.