Vripack Off the Wall Thinking

In a shortly to appear feature written for Invictus Magazine, we will be focusing on the design house Vripack.

We recently joined the company directors in Amsterdam taking part in what they call a ‘trend walk’

“What we find on the streets in cities around the world inspires us,” says Marnix. “For example, graffiti is now more commonly described as street art. In England he says, you have artists the likes of Banksy but there are others such as Stinkfish in Colombia, DAL in China and Mr Traso in Spain. They each leave behind them their thoughts in the form of street murals.”

As we walk, they point out that street art has evolved from spray painting on walls to applications as diverse as stickers and knitting and, even 3D applications.

In what we can only describe as a brilliant video production, they too have taken street up to a new high level that fully embraces the superyacht.

We like the video so much we want you to see it here as well


to watch the video click here