Using the BackBliss Lotion Applicator in Costa Rica

_BackBliss Sun Tan Cream Applicator 01 Helen SarongWith temperatures rising above 30ºC on the Papagayo Peninsula in Costa Rica sun lotion was a necessity.  My preference is for something I can apply once in the morning when I get up so I can wash my hands afterwards – there is nothing worse than rubbing sweat off your eyes with a sun lotion covered hand.  I also prefer a lotion to a cream as it just seems to be easier to apply.

The problem with any sun lotion or cream is getting it onto the areas you can not easily reach yourself.  Husbands can be helpful but they are seldom to hand at the right moment.  So I was delighted to try the BackBliss  – a long handled lotion applicator with a replaceable, washable pad.

Though a seemingly simple idea, the handle is cleverly designed and it was very easy and comfortable to use.  My top tip for use is to make sure when using it on the first occasion, that the pad is thoroughly well soaked with lotion before application.

Any downsides?

  • Though light to carry around the BackBliss does take up space, which could be a problem for those who only travel with hand luggage.
  • I also discovered on the evening of the first day that I had clearly not done a very good job of applying my sun screen – I had several odd sun reddened patches pointing to areas I had missed.
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