Some Thing was A Foot at the Monaco Yacht Show


It is a well known fact that journalists covering an action packed schedule of press events at Boat Shows such as Monaco and Fort Lauderdale cover large distances as they rush from one press briefing to another but how far do they actually walk?
Exhibitors Fraser Yachts, Heesen Yachts and Perini Navi thought it would be fun to find out so they set up a challenge and chose a selected number of top journalists to take part in the experiment just for fun.
On day one of the show the three exhibitors hand selected a sample of top journalists and asked them to wear a Fitbit Active device.  Clipped to their belt, it records the number of steps each took as they made their way around the show.
On day one many were shocked to learn that they had walked some 20,000 steps clocking up a distance of 10 miles or more.  By day two, the pace had become a little less frantic and day three followed a similar pattern with the leaders clocking up 15,000 steps a day each.
At lunchtime on the Saturday, the journalists were asked to make their final recording and hand in the figures to the exhibitors with the winner being awarded a Magnum of Henri de Verlaine Champagne.
Hard working as we are, we never the less enjoy fun assignments and so we picked up the gauntlet on day one and diligently recorded our totals each day.
Our efforts proved fruitful with Frances coming top with over 61,000 steps and Michael close behind her.
Lisa Peck from Fraser Yachts, Sara Gioanola from Heesen Yachts and Cristina Bernardini from Perini Navi were on hand to present the prize to a rather foot weary duo.  Booby prize went to David Robinson whose Fitbit fell off his belt and plopped into the water on day one!
Well done David!