SmartYacht Lists Top Five Super Yacht Toys


We all love to have fun on the water, especially under the heat of the Mediterranean sun. Surely making full use of the toys on board is one of the highlights of yacht ownership.

So for their clients heading on a yacht charter in the Mediterranean, Smart Yacht thought they would do a bit of research and find out which wacky water toys were available to buy or rent.  Here they share it with us:

Take a look at the following list, and if one of the crazy inventions takes your fancy, get in touch with their team to see if one can be found for your yacht this year.


For those, who always loved high speed, this is the yacht toy they shouldn’t go past. This wicked machine is like a go kart on water and is the first patented designer watercraft in the world with a mid-mounted outboard engine. It’s fast, agile and loads of fun for all the family during boat share holidays.


A powered surfboard designed by Formula 1 and Moto Grand Prix engineers, this is now an international sport and having one of these on board will be hugely popular with the dare devils amongst you.


If you fancy soaring across the water at more than 20 mph more than 30 metres in the air, this water toy is for you. The Jetlev Flyer uses a water repulsion marine engine to propel you into the air for the ultimate holiday snap. Water is pumped into it and you have the ability to control the speed of which it is pumped out.

Seabreacher X

It looks like a fearsome shark, but it is in fact an underwater observational speedboat which can reach speeds of up to 55 mph on the surface and dive under the water as well.


Have you been bitten by a seabob bug yet? This water diving scooter is a cross between a jet ski and a body board which uses an electric impeller jet motor to whizz you across the surface of the water at various speeds. One of its biggest advantages of a seabob is that it offers both above and under water fun and yacht owners love it! The seabob allows you to glide along the surface or dive under the water depending on what crazy action you fancy on any particular ride.

If you fancy becoming a yacht owner, but do not want to spend a hefty amount of money on a yacht, take a look at the affordable Smart luxury fleet.