Not all Invitations are Invitations


We love receiving invitations and as journalists covering such high profile events the likes of the Monaco Yacht Show there is never a shortage of them. Frequently we need to juggle our calendar so that we never snub our hosts or appear rude by not turning up when they have gone to the trouble of inviting us.

At this years show we have some exciting events lined up with invitations to press conferences, concept launches, lunches and evening cocktails. There is a stunning event planned by Burgess on board a large yacht one evening and Fraser Yachts are hosting a Gala dinner at the yacht club and Hessen Yachts hosting dinner on another evening

We were just as excited when we received the invitation to a Black Tie Gala Dinner from Seakeepers the high society networking group. It was only when we did as they ask and RSVP we discovered this was not an invitation to dinner but an invitation to buy a ticket to dine.

Look at the wording! Where doe it say that? It seems not all invitations are invitations