Five Yachts, Five Continents, One Plan


No one yet has found a way to successfully time share the ownership of a superyacht but there is never a shortage of those willing to give the concept a try.

The latest to enter the fray is MarNav who have come up with a plan they call the the Fifth Dimension in superyacht ownership

“We’ve all heard the humorous comment ‘when you need a taxi five come along at once’. This time it is the turn for Superyachts!” jokes MarNav CEO, Werner Trotz “But we have spent the last three years developing a unique programme for fractional superyacht fleet ownership that delivers all it promises,” he continues.

Raising the bar on yacht ownership and lowering the fiscal levels for entering the exclusive world of superyacht ownership, the programme aims to take away all of the headaches of management and time-consuming detail of superyacht ownership while offering all the benefits of using the yachts at five locations around the world’s hot spots and far away adventure opportunities.

The programme is equally appealing to existing yacht owners who may look favourably on the scheme and those who charter yachts but would like to make the next step in having their own yacht.

The programme has a long a list of owner benefits including a low price-point to join and a one-month get-out position if circumstances change.

A superyacht part owner will share corporate ownership of five superyachts ranging from 35m to 60m, one designated as an Explorer vessel.

The fleet is strategically positioned in the world’s key cruising locations with idea that the owners will have a fleet of five yachts at their disposal for the cost of less than one superyacht.

The fleet will be  commercially surveyed, insured and flag compliant and managed by crew, ready to welcome the owner and guests at a new or chosen location worldwide.

When the owner is not using the yachts they are generating charter revenues carefully managed by the MarNav charter team.

Operating costs are equally shared among the owners, reduced through the charter income and volume purchasing, centralised supplies and special negotiated fleet rates.

Every year a fleet of single-owner yachts cross the oceans at great expense, both in fuel and time adding to a big carbon footprint. For the responsible timesharing owner the carbon footprint vanishes through the company’s obligatory carbon off-set programme.

Owners choose a favourite location and the yacht is already waiting for the cruising schedule, no re-positioning time wasted, just fly, step on board and go cruising.

Owners will have the opportunity to directly e-book the yachts ahead of time using a website that allows on-line reservations through a personal login.
The website will recommend new cruising hot-spots and provide exclusive insights into the more famous locations.


Watch the promotional video here