New Sub Overcomes Superyacht Size Restrictions


The launch of the the Super Yacht Sub 3 from U-Boat Worx overcomes often unavoidable height and weight limits that can make it difficult to integrate our submersibles in existing superyachts.

Capable of diving to a depth of 100 metres or 300 metres with 3 people, exploring the deep from the deck of a superyacht has never been so much fun and so easy.

U-Boat Worx realised that to meet all requirements of the superyacht owner, it had to come up with a dedicated submersible specially designed for superyachts.

With a flexible lifting arrangement that can be easily adapted to fit any crane configuration, this personal submersible makes integration aboard a yacht as easy as can be.

6 powerful thrusters manage strong currents.

The new luxuriously fitted out submarine provides the best unobstructed underwater view for its occupants and is only 171cm in height and 3500 kg in weight.

Endless customisation possibilities are available. to add to the luxury leather seating, air-conditioning and easy embarkation/disembarkation with a 76 cm freeboard and a large anti-skid deck.

While stored inside a yacht’s garage, a specially designed side-hatch provides access to the interior  for service and pre-dive checks, allowing the sub to seamlessly integrate with the superyacht operation.

Features include:

  • DNV-GL Classification
  • Up to 12 hours endurance with 42kWh lithium-ion battery system
  • Transferable MANTA Controller that allows passengers to drive the sub
  • Full array of U-Boat Worx standard safety features, including safety buoy, drop weight and 96 hours of life support
  • The Super Yacht Sub 3 is built with the proven technology found in world’s best-selling U-Boat Worx C-Quester and C-Explorer submersibles.

Available for delivery in September 2015, prices start from €1,750,000.