High Adventure Playground for Grown ups

Francisco, our guide on the Rio Penas Blancas in the La Perla regionPossessing a total national territory of just under 20,000 square miles, Costa Rica is one of the smallest countries in Latin America.

What makes this country so remarkable and awe-inspiring is the amazing diversity of what it has to offer. This is not only visible in the biological variety of the country’s flora and fauna, but also in the assortment of activities through which visitors can observe and interact with the natural splendor of Costa Rica.

Despite its diminutive size, this tropical paradise is packed with more than a dozen volcanoes, verdant jungles that span to every border, countless rivers and waterfalls, expansive mountains ranges, and over 755 miles of spectacular shoreline along two oceans.

The area surrounding Arenal is an adventure playground for grown ups.  Given its close proximity to the superyachts docked in Marina Papagayo it is a great place for crew who might have a weekend to spare and are seeking that ever important adrenaline rush.

The Zip Wire was conceived by people in Costa Rica and it has grown up to become a staple part of almost every adventure itinerary.

They are probably the most thrilling and imaginative ways of observing the beauty of the rain forest. Well run canopy tours allow visitors move through a system of pulleys, suspension bridges, platforms, zip lines and harnesses in order to explore the habitats of species high above the ground.

Waterfall rappelling, canyoning and exploring underground caves are just some of the other activities that can be considered.

Offering avid thrill-seekers an opportunity to take to the water the area has white water rafting rivers.

Older and some would say wiser folk might opt for hiking and horseback riding which are equally well catered for.