Four or Just Two Seasons?

Pouring rain by the Rio Penas BlancasGenerally around the world it is considered that there are four seasons.

We enjoy them in the order that they are most frequently listed: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

In the Central American Republic of Costa Rica they insist there are only two. The Dry, between December and May – and the Rainy from June to December.

December to April is considered to be the high season and is typically the dry season and the one most frequented by tourists. It is best however to time your arrival in Costa Rica with what you want to do most.

Fancy fishing for bull shark? Then come in June, July and August. Those who want to watch turtles lay eggs while nesting on the white sandy beaches should visit between August and November.

Surfers flock to catch the most perfect curl at Witch’s Rock off the Playa de Naranco and prefer to do so between April and November.

For those seeking to venture underwater, the dry season offers calmer seas and higher visibility. For many, the best time to dive at Cocos Island is in the ‘rainy’ season, when the nutrients swell up and attract multitudes of hammerhead sharks, as well as manta rays and whale sharks.

The surface is rougher during this period and visibility drops to between 10 and 25m. At this time of year plankton rather than rainfall is more likely to be the factor that reduces visibility.