Dame Design Award Calls for Entries


The DAME is an award made each year at METS in Holland.  It is the prize in a design competition for new marine equipment and accessories and is now open for entries.

As the organiser of METS, Amsterdam RAI invites this year’s exhibitors to enter their most innovative designs to be judged by an independent, international jury.

METS 2014 will be held from 18 to 20 November 2014 in Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre.

Exhibitors wishing to submit products for the DAME 2014 should complete the online application by 19 September 2014.

DAME 2013 winner Sleipner Motor AS Norway is clear on the impact that winning the award can have. The company’s VECTOR FIN stabilizers have enjoyed a great deal of exposure over the past year. “When launching a revolutionary product, where the benefits are large yet the innovation can appear to be quite simple, it can be a real challenge to get the message across to customers,” explains Ronny Skauen, Managing Director of Sleipner Motor: “Winning the DAME Award lends a great deal of credibility to the claims, avoiding the sometimes difficult task of explaining the technology in detail to interested customers.

“This is especially so due to the high level of knowledge and experience of the respected panel of judges. And the increased press coverage enjoyed by winning the award is very beneficial especially when the product is also aimed at new market areas, which is the case with the VECTOR FIN stabilizers. The benefits for smaller boats of having good stabilization have been clearly communicated to a wider audience of boat owners.”

Skauen recommends that any business which believes it has an innovative product should enter the competition. “The more innovative and revolutionary a product is, the greater the influence the award has in reaching the world market.”